VIRGINIA TECH  |  Engineering Insiders Weekend
Providing a curated campus experience that includes interaction with fellow alumni, faculty, and students in recognition of philanthropic support. Aiming to broaden engagement with donors who invest in the college's highest priorities and provide sustained support of the college. #event #invite #digital #signage #collateral
VIRGINIA TECH  |  Academy of Engineering Excellence
Virginia Tech Engineering established the Academy of Engineering Excellence to recognize alumni of the college for their outstanding career achievement. It’s the highest honor to be bestowed upon alumni of the college. #event #invite #brochure #presentation
Annual Vision Dinner fundraising event celebrating what makes Deer Run such a special place for kids and families. There's testimonies of life change from campers, parents, and staff. #event #branding #social #presentation #signage #brochure
DEER RUN CAMPS & RETREATS  |  Recruiting Campaign
Your summer can impact a kid’s future... and influence your life’s direction! Deer Run provides excellent camps and retreats that inspire a transformational relationship with Jesus Christ and strengthen relationships with family and friends. #branding #signage #collateral
DEER RUN CAMPS & RETREATS  |  Mother-Daughter Getaway Weekend
Special weekend getaway that helps moms purposely have mother-daughter time together and connect on a deeper level. It's an opportunity to slow the pace, recapture a bit of the magic of childhood and engage the heart and passions of daughters. #event #branding #campaign #display #digital #social #collateral
SHOW HOPE  |  Miracles Book & 20th Anniversary
Miracles Book annual report given out at fundraising annual fellowship weekend and in packets throughout the year. This year marked Show Hope's 20th Anniversary. Show Hope exists today because so many people love the mission to care for orphans by engaging the Church and reducing barriers to adoption. #annualreport #branding #social
DEXTERITY BOOKS  |  The Impossible Mile
The meaning in a mile – Come walk a mile in Johnny’s shoes, and realize, as Johnny did, you never walk alone, and anything is possible, if you’ll just take on life one step at a time. #packaging #social #digital #signage
NO PASSPORT REQUIRED  |  Tracy L. Higley Campaign
Imaginative ancient world fiction for history lovers. Step through the portal of time with me… to immerse yourself in the mystique and power of the ancient world. #campaign #brochure
LIFEWAY CHRISTIAN STORES  |  Mother's Day Campaign
Capitalizing on the popular coloring book trend for adults, this Mother’s Day catalog seeks a level of customer interaction, asking customers to share their colored cover through social media. #event #print #social #email #signage
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