CSB Legacy Notetaking Bible  —  Packaging Design
CSB Legacy Notetaking Bible Comps  —  Packaging Design
I'm A Christian—Now What? Bible  —  Packaging Design
I'm A Christian—Now What? Bible Comps  —  Packaging Design
Journal & Draw Bible for Kids Jacket & Interior  —  Packaging Design
Finding Wholehearted Life Together  —  Packaging Design
Wholehearted Curriculum Year 1 & 2 Cover & Interior  —  Packaging Design
Men of Character & Women of Character  —  Packaging Design

Kingdom Come (Theatrical B&H Publishing Pitch)  —  Packaging Design

LifeWay Christian Stores Christmas  —  Product & Packaging Design
LifeWay Christian Stores Gift Cards —  Product Design
LifeWay Christian Stores Shopping Bag  —  Product Design
Deer Run Summer Camp T-shirt  —  Product Design
Special Needs Ministry Hoodie  —  Product Design
Big Ben's Bagels Cream Cheese —  Product Design

Purity Premium Treats —  Packaging Design

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